Snapdragons and Saintpaulia

FOTD – Oct 2 – Floral Alphabet Challenge S – Snapdragons, Saintpaulia

Snapdragons (with Ageratum)

Saintpaulia – better known as African Violet

Floral Alphabet Challenge – S

3 responses to “Snapdragons and Saintpaulia

  1. Aren’t we glad flowers have so many different common names? Saves us in these alphabetical challenges. I think your Saintpaulia was unique.

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    1. I agree, Judy; it is great to find different flower names that fit the alphabetical challenge.😊🌺

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  2. Both photos are So beautiful! My mom and grandma both love(d) African violets. My mom is very good at growing beautiful healthy plants. I need to one day come up with a way to grow them again while keeping them away from our 2 cats. One especially loves to munch on any sort of plant life, including non living plant life like the straw in our broom. 🙄🙄🙄


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